HRH Princess Basmah

HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Personal Profile

HRH Basmah is a keen, gifted and professional social writer, columnist, political analyst and humanitarian activist with an excellent and unique appreciation of global politics.
Reflecting her personal view that quality should be available to all, HRH’s entrepreneurship and eye for business has showcased her skills in the creative food industry, where she brings 5 star standards to all customers, and not the select few.
HRH Princess Basmah is not only a keen analyst in political and social issues and a humanitarian activist, she is also a sports development enthusiast, playing a leading role in the Arab world and particularly in her own culture. She is a dedicated observer of humanitarianism and journalism at both the local and international levels.
After a long career in running her own businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and chairing many companies with leading roles in business, the environment and marketing, HRH Princess Basmah recently moved to London and established Inseed Holding Company. Inseed is an umbrella which spans her business interests, and is intended to become a leading company in Europe, if not the world.
As a woman born into the Saudi Royal family, against the odds Princess Basmah occupies a rare position as a bold writer and critic. She has an outstanding record of fighting for justice, human rights and freedom for the people in the Arab world.
Whether it is through her TV appearances, blogs and social media presence or in person, HRH Princess Basmah is a courageous writer and commentator, appearing regularly on the top international media outlets, and is a sought after speaker at international conferences, seminars, and workshops related to politics, economics, humanitarian issues and the media.

Key Skills

Performance Management: Princess Basmah energises, supports and motivates people by deploying a variety of communication techniques – company-wide meetings, face to face and joint communication, training and development meetings, electronic communication and intranet. She is experienced in tactfully cascading key information encompassing policy, compliance, technical matters, changes in corporate governance and structure. She ensures clear communication and understanding of corporate objectives and alignment of function, team and individual goal setting and performance reviews. She establishes clear recognition structures to champion success including financial incentives/rewards, career development and raising the profile of those responsible.

Leadership: Princess Basmah is a situational leader with core values in active communication, integrity, collaboration, enthusiasm and driving solutions. Understands the value of earning respect and trust from others, achieving it through the continual building/fostering of collaboration and understanding. She strives to empower and remain as approachable and accessible as possible, and actively leads and promotes creative thinking within a compliance framework, particularly with the political, economic and social dimensions.

Innovation: Princess Basmah both generates and encourages innovative approaches to bring new products to the UK market from their Arabic origins, and establishes a competitive edge. She always tests the merits of others’ ideas to develop robust solutions to the organisation’s end goals. She applies a tenacious approach to getting ideas accepted, delivering plans with authority and conviction, and gaining credibility through effective implementation.

Key Achievements

Head of Inseed Holdings which specializes in restaurants, entertainment and marketing.
Head of the Board of “Invireo Company” for environmental solutions.
Head of the Board of International Saudi Life Echo Centre.
Established Basmah Comprehensive Centre for Women’s Security Training.
Her Highness intends to establish the “Basmah International School Centre for Children” which will carry out the Canadian curriculum.
Her Highness established the Fourth Way Law as a global constitution created to usher the world through this period of instability. It aims at tackling the root causes of discontent with sound leadership, respect and foresight, and creates the conditions necessary to bring access to opportunity to all and a way out of the threatening turbulence of recent years.
Furthermore, HRH Basmah is an observer of humanitarian and legal activities in Saudi Arabia and the international scene.
Her Highness is keen to promote the Saudi Art Movement in the West, and takes extra interest in women’s sport events in Jeddah, in addition to her special interest in charities caring for special needs and the handicapped.
Her Highness seeks to build up an equal civil and social movement to support and develop levels of public awareness of the whole social infrastructure of Saudi society. She also works to encourage women to join the political, economical and social spheres and play an equal role in leadership and executive positions within Saudi society and government, whether locally or globally.
Her Highness interacts with the public through social media tools, and has over 200,000 followers through Facebook and Twitter.

Education & Qualifications

Studied the elementary stage and part of the intermediate stage at the Christian Sisters School in Beirut, Lebanon.
Graduated from Oxford College, UK where she finished her studies in both O and A levels, which are equivalent to secondary certificate and first year in the university while she was only sixteen years old.
Studied sociology for one year in Richmond College, UK and transferred to the American University in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Studied two years in psychology at the Arab Beirut University, then left for her mother’s birth place, Syria, in Allaziqiah province. She studied one year in the faculty of medicine and one additional year in English literature in Tishreen University in Syria.

Professional Memberships & Associations

Saudi Philippine business council
Saudi Chinese business council
Saudi Syrian business council
Saudi Lebanese business council
Saudi Tunisian business council
Saudi Singaporean business council
Saudi British business council.
Saudi Swiss business council
Saudi Japanese business council
Saudi Indian business council
Saudi Egyptian business council
Saudi Canadian business council


In addition to her mother tongue, Arabic, Princess Basmah has mastered both the English and French languages

"My mission is to promote peace, prosperity and dignity, not war"

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HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud

in the news, HARDtalk interview
  • 1964
    • The Princess was born in Riyadh on 01.03.1964. Around that time her father, King Saud, was overthrown by his brother Prince Faisal. That same year she and her Syrian-born mother left Saudi Arabia and settled in Beirut where the young Princess attended a Catholic nuns’ school until 8th grade.
  • 1976
    • Civil war breaks out in Lebanon. Princess Basmah and her mother leave for the UK where she passes her O' and A' Levels at the Oxford International College.
  • 1980
    • Princess Basmah studies one year of Sociology at Richmond College and two years at the American college of Leysin in Switzerland.
  • 1983
    • Princess Basmah moves to Syria with her mother Jamila Merhi. Studies medicine, Psychology and English literature at the Beirut Arab University.
  • 1988
    • Marries and has 5 children
  • 2007
    • Divorces and embarks on her business ventures and journalism career. She writes for Al-Medina Weekly Newspaper, Al-Hayat, Al-Ahram, Nisf al-Dunya and Sayidaty English magazine.
  • 2008
    • Establishes Inseed company with four brands, 3 in catering and one in media:
    • Craze Abstract Art Cafe: café and gallery
    • Kaa’kati: Authentic Lebanese sandwich bar
    • Fish Me: Fast food fish chain
    • Global Media Ecco: media
  • 2010
    • Princess Basmah moves to London, continues with her writing and media appearances.
  • 2011
    • She starts developing a project very close to her heart, The Lanterns United Global, a global network of people and organisations working towards a more egalitarian world.
  • 2012
    • Princess Basmah opens her media office Ecco in west London and is currently working on expanding her company, Inseed into the UK market. She is also working on establishing her career as a speaker and independent television producer as well as preparing to launch an online newspaper.